The School was founded on July 1st, 2015 to train professionals with higher education conforming to international standards in five areas of study: Finance, Management, Accounting and Auditing, Marketing, Project Management. 


The School offers:

  • Wide range of academic programmes
  • Most relevant subjects
  • Bachelor, Master’s and PhD programmes
  • Internships and study abroad programmes, two dual degree programmes (France and South Korea), 9 exchange programmes with leading universities of Europe, the USA and Asia
  • 85 full-time lecturers, including PhD holders, Candidates of Sciences, business coaches, 10 foreign lecturers
  • Effective use of Internet systems, distance learning, electronic training developments aimed at improving student performance
  • Annual update of training materials to replenish the university’s data bank
  • International and nation-wide research-to-practice conferences, academic competitions
  • Carrying out research in management, marketing analysis, finance and risk management for enterprises to provide highest quality academic programmes
  • Scholarships, discounts, competitions
  • Training highly qualified professionals with fundamental theoretical knowledge and individual practical competence
  • Rich and fulfilling student life