Student clubs


Marketing club

Mission and vision

Marketing club is a student-oriented club, which is trying to give some practical vision to the students who are interested in Marketing and management. The goal of the club is to get students involved in actions, which mean that students are in charge of the making decision under the supervision, and monitoring of the supervisor. Both Bachelor and master students can be a member of the club. Most of students are away from practices and study theories and this club will give them this opportunity to put those theories into practices and learn from experts.  As it is well known, nowadays, experience is more important than paper qualifications! 

Club activities will be divided into three sections as below:

  1. Training: There will be some training by professional trainers.
  2. Seminars: Students will attend different interesting seminars related to Marketing and management and its issues in Kazakhstan. These seminars will be hold by young professionals working in Kazakhstani market. 
  3. Visits: Visiting different Kazakhstani companies and see how the marketers work and deal with their jobs.


Student Science Club 

Student Science Club (hereinafter - the SSC) - an association created on the initiative of the students and faculty of the school, united for the common goals.

SSC created in order to involve students in research work as an important component of modern learning of highly qualified specialists in the field of economics, finance, accounting and auditing, management, marketing, business and other fields of knowledge.

SSC forms of activity are:

  • Preparation of student research reports, presentation to them at the meetings of the SSC, scientific conferences and other scientific forums at various levels;
  • preparation for the publication of scientific papers (thesis) students in print at various levels;
  • Preparing students to participate in competitions of student research works, subject Olympiads, games, business, scientific and educational projects, programs, internships, etc.

Meetings of the SSC may take a variety of organizational forms (debate, the report, case etc.), But usually focus on training members of the SSC based on the methodology of conducting scientific research, hear reports and discuss the results of scientific work of the members of the SSC carried out by the period elapsed since the last meeting. planning further research activities of members of the SSC, the preparation of the participation of members of the SSC in the activities of a scientific nature at various levels, etc. After the meeting, a protocol meeting of the SSC.



Student scientific club «Finance Club of ALMATY» 

  In September, the SSC «Finance Club of ALMAU» was created by department "Finance, accounting and audit". Club members are students of the specialty "Finance" and "Accounting and Audit".  The permanent members of the club are 2nd and 3d year students of "Finance”.

  The purpose of the club is to consider the problems of the economy in Kazakhstan, to give students the opportunity of meeting with representatives of business and banks, to discuss and to train with public scientific reports.

  The SSC’ supervisor: Mukushev Abzal Bazarbekovich



During first half of the year 2015 five meetings of this club was held. 

In November 2015, the persons responsible for NRWS of FUiA department held a regular meeting of the SSC on the theme "The economic situation in the Republic of Kazakhstan". Daniyar Akhmedov, the Head of asset and liability management department of the JSC "Eurasian Bank" took part in the meeting as invited speaker. It was a very interesting discussion among the guest, lecturers and students on contemporary issues of Kazakhstan financial system, about resignation of Kelimbetov K.N., the Chairman of the National Bank of Kazakhstan, and appointment of Akishev D.T., the new Chairman.

The next meeting of the club was held on the theme "Exchange rate". The following guests had been invited - Baltabay Ismailov, the Director of  Bank Risks Department of the JSC «Kaspi bank», and Daniyar Akhmedov, the Head of asset and liability management department of the JSC "Eurasian Bank". There were issued questions on formation of exchange rate and factors affecting on it. Based on the real-life examples the calculation and prediction of tenge in relation to other foreign currencies were demonstrated. Students and master students asked questions on the subject of the meeting.

The December meeting was held on the topic "Non-cash payments." Permanent members of the club and the invited undergraduates working in the financial sector were present at the meeting. Pinchuk G. made the presentation about "Introduction of non-cash payments”. His current position is acting as a Head of the department of adopted asset management of the JSC «BCC Invest». Also T. Birmagambetov, the senior lecturer of the department "Finance, accounting and audit" held the speech "Tariffs for non-cash settlements." Club members asked questions, there was a discussion on this topic.

In January, there was another meeting on the theme "Lending".  The Head of SME lending department of the JSC "Eurasian Bank" Timur Gabitov and the Head of asset and liability management department of the JSC "Eurasian Bank" Daniyar Akhmedov were invited to the event.

Timur Gabitov presented the report on the theme "Financing of SMEs". After that the 1st year undergraduate V. Kasatkin (representative of the Khalyk Bank) held a speech on the subject. Then teachers, students, graduates and guests of the club have taken part in heated debates.

 «Finance Club of AlmaU - this is the place where knowledge prevails»

  • Chairman:Birmagambetov T. 

Contacts: 8(727) 3132953

Address: Rozybakiev 227