Economics and Service Department


«Economics and Service» Department was created in September 2016 due to changes in the organizational structure of Almaty Management University. The Department is a division of the High School of Management.

Activities of «Economics and Service» Department aimed at preparing bachelors and masters with a solid theoretical and practical knowledge basing on general and specialized courses, professional competencies that meet the requirements of state educational standards of specialties.

The department provides educational programs in three undergraduate majors: 5B050600 – «Economics»,  5В090800 – «Valuation» and 5В090900 – «Logistics»    and 2  majors of master programs 6М050600 – «Economics» and 6М090900 – «Logistics».

The sphere of professional activity of graduates of «Economics and Service» Department is the administrative, enterprise, commercial and scientific research work in enterprises and organizations with various types of ownership.