Department of Finance, Accounting and Auditing

The department "Finance, Accounting and Audit" was formed in 2002 with the aim of training specialists with higher education with relevant international standards in two specialties: "Finance and Credit" and "Accounting and Auditing". Head of the department was appointed by a Candidate of Economic Science, Associated Professor Aigul Kurmangaliyeva.

  1. Kurmangaliyeva worked many yearsas an AssociatedProfessor of the Department "Finance and Credit"for the University of International Business and shewas invited to ALMAU as a knowledgeable and highly skilled specialist. Under her leadership, the Department worked from September 2002 to August 2004.

From September 2004 to August 2009 the Department was headed by the Candidate of Economic Science, Associated Professor Assylkhan Zhaxybergenov. He had been worked as an Assistant Professor in this department since September 2002.

The department worked in two directions of training:

  • "Finance and Credit" provides training in the following specialisations: "Banking"; "Taxes and Taxation", "Financial Management" and prepare highly qualified specialists for banks, insurance companies and investment funds. Carries out training for future civil servants of the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economy and Budget Planning, Tax Committee, Customs Committee, Financial Control Committee and specialists of various financial services businesses;
  • "Accounting and Audit" prepares economists-accountants for various forms of business entities

Prepared Chair of Bachelors, masters and highly qualified specialists are highly sought after in the market of highly skilled labor. The graduates of the Department are the authority of highly skilled professionals andoccupy variety responsibility positions of various industries, banks and other financial institutions.of enterprises and organisations.

Over the past three years (2012-2015) were trained 2,248 on full-time, evening and distance learning students in the State, Russian and English languages, 46 masters on profile and scientific-pedagogical orientation (Table 1):

Table 1 - Contingent analysisof students on "Finance" specialty:

Academic year

Number of students on a plan

Number of

studentsin fact

Divergence (+/-)

Growthrate, %














- 6




On September 1, 2009 from the Department of "Finance and Accounting" has separated the department "Accounting and Audit", which was headed by Doctor of Economics SarkhytTashenova.

A year later, the Department expanded and was transformed into the Department "Evaluation, Accounting and Audit" for recruitment and training of students majoring in "Accounting and Audit" and "Evaluation". 2014-2015 it is a structural unit was headed by the Candidate of Economic Science, Associated Professor LauraNurgaziyeva.

On 1 September 2015 with the introduction of a new organisational structure of "Almaty Management University" two departments "Finance" and "Evaluation, Accounting and Audit"merged into a single department "Finance, Accounting and Audit". Leaders of the Department entrusted to the Doctor of Economic science, Professor ParidaIsakhova whoheaded the Department "Finance"since 2009. Professional experience of P. Isakhova over 27 years. She is constantly improving their skills. In March 1995 in Washington she made an internship programme "Banking and Financial Management" organised by the World Bank. The programme "Bolashak" took her scientific training on the programme «UCBerkeley - IAB BolashakProgramme on Excellencein Innovative Business Education» University of California, Berkeley (intensive English in Kaplan International Centers). P. Isakhova annually participatesand improves professional skillsin the International Summer Session for Educators Business Education Teacher Academy.

At the Department "Finance" runs the 87 subjects. To majors are "Finance", "Money, Credit, Banks", "Taxes and Taxation", "Banking", "Corporate Finance", "Financing and Crediting of Investments", "Financial Management". In addition students are offered a wide range of topical subjects as "The Securities Market", "The Stock Market and Stock Exchanges", "Risk Management", "Payment System", "Foreign Exchange Transactions and Currency Regulation", "Tax Management", "Tax Control", "Financial Modeling of Public-Private Partnership", "Financial Monitoring Service", "The Merger, Restructuring and Bankruptcy of the Company ", "Islamic Finance"and others. For all disciplines formed EMCD.

The Department on specialties "Accounting and Auditing" and "Evaluation" runs:

On Department of Bachelor programmes 39 subjects:

mandatory component - 7 subjects (Russian, Kazakh, English); majors (OK) - 9 subjects (Russian, Kazakh). Component of your choice - 23 subjects (Russian, Kazakh, English).

According to the Department of the Master's program 2 subjects:

EMCD in Russian two, in English only one subject.

Total master's three EMCD.

During the 2014-2015 academic year 255 students of full-time, evening and correspondence branches were trained at the State and Russian languages, and eightmasters on the following specialties (Table 1):

  • 5В050800 – «Accounting and Audit»;
  • 5В050900 – «Evaluating».


Table 2 - Contingent analysis of students on specialties "Accounting and Audit", "Evaluation"

Academic year

Number of students

on a plan

Number of

studentsin fact

Divergence (+/-)

Growthrate, %


AccountingandAuditing. Evaluation.






AccountingandAuditing. Evaluation.






AccountingandAuditing. Evaluation.








      - 5,5%


Annually updates the content of all courses of basic educational Programmes of Bachelors and Masters in areas finance, accounting and audit, andis updated teaching materials to replenish the university data bank.

The department makes a major contribution to improving the educational process of the Higher School of Finance and Management, leveraging the Internet system, distance learning and electronic educational and methodological development, which resulted in a much improved student performance and accountability perform boundary control, examination session.

Educational work on department is combined with research that allows to enrich the learning process put in lectures and seminars problematic issues, different in terms of their decision. Scientific activity of the Department is to provide urgent financial problems in a crisis, accounting, business analysis, debate at international and national conferences, symposia, seminars, publication of the results of these studies, articles, compilations, monographs.

The forward work plan of the Department "Finance, Accounting and Audit" provides for the further development of research with a view to their practical application in a market economy, as well as work under direct contracts with enterprises and organisations.

In recent years, teachers of the department Zh. Yelubaeyeva, Zh. Serikbaev, A. Chivazova, B. Markhayeva, Zh. Makisheva, L. Yespergenova, R. Orazalina, D. Tleuova were awarded grants Bolashakscholarsip. These teachers were trained in the Leiden University (Netherlands), University of East Anglia (UK), University of Essex (UK).

Staff of the department in order to reunite with the theoretical knowledge of students in science is carried out for young teachers and students of scientific and practical conferences. The person responsible for NIRS is a senior lecturer A. Mukushev.

Every year on the "Financier Day","Day of Accountant" and "Auditor’s Day" are organized various events and Subject Olympiads. The events awarded various prizes and awards in the following categories: "Best Group", "The Best Curator", "The Best Student", "The Best Wall Newspaper". Staff of the department performs a major role in the conduct and organisation of social and educational work.